Product design

The oldest activity of our company, with nearly four decades and nearly 2000 products for hundreds of clients situated all over the world. Through product design, we learned to apply design thinking to create value, which we now also apply on the design of services and of policies
Product design covers a wide range of sectors, from consumer goods to transportation. In this lies part our success, as many of the innovative ideas we propose to clients originate from a solution found in a completely different area. We design very rational products like trains, but also very emotional products like furniture.
Our central location in Europe allows us to be permeated by different influences. Our experiences with international clients and our multicultural team make it possible to grasp cultural particularities from other countries around the globe to take them into consideration in what we design.
We co-design our products. Clients and users are closely involved in the design process in order to better understand their needs and create unique user experiences fitting the brand and values of our customer. 

Plantin Station Refurbishment

De Lijn

HALO first class suite



Van Hoecke

Mont-Saint-Michel shuttle & parking outdoor furniture


LLEXX modular wooden construction


Lebeau-Courally Origami